The Social Collective help your team field upload (and digitise) those print out attendance registers.

When completing a report the system allows you to upload a scanned copy of your attendance register for record purposes. The signatures you collect are important and we will save them securely and privately for you.

Before you being to complete your report, please check that you have the following:

1. Is the Opportunity’s Status “Complete”?

Has the status of the opportunity been updated to “Complete”? Only then will you be able to click the [Upload report] button.

2. Do you have the scanned copy of the attendance register?

The scan of your attendance register should be on the same device you will be completing the report on. If you need to scan the report to your phone, download one of these great mobile scanner apps: Google DriveCam Scanner, Genius Scan.

Once you have scanned and saved your register to your device, click [+ Select File] and select the register you want to upload from the list that pops up.

3. Have you added each individual to the attendance report?

After uploading your attendance register, you need to add each individual to the attendance report card on the report below the area where you upload your PDF. Click the [Add Individual] button to start adding their names.