Closing the feedback loop is possible, and we’ve made it very easy to gather it with a few 5-point ratings and space to provide written feedback.

Giving Feedback on Opportunities

Attendees can also complete the feedback themselves after the opportunity, by logging onto the platform, clicking [Opportunities] and finding the your [Opportunity]

On the Opportunity’s information page, there will be a button on the right (see below) for the participant to submit their feedback and another one to request you, the administrator, to complete the report to update their skills and time.

NOTE: It’s a good idea to get your attendees to complete this feedback at the end of your Opportunity on the day, to prevent attendees procrastinating.

Requesting Feedback 

To request feedback from the participants who attended your opportunity, click on [5. Feedback] on the Opportunity Management Page, and click [Request feedback now]

NOTE: This will send all your attendees an SMS and email with the link to fill out the feedback form.