Getting different views of what volunteering means to young people will assist your organisation to clearly define the type of volunteers you want to have, the support you need to provide and the experiences and training opportunities you can offer.

It should be beneficial for youth volunteers to become involved with organisation because:

  • Your organisation is committed to growing young people and providing them with opportunities to learn and improve their skills.
  • Your organisation is fully prepared to provide support for your young volunteers. When you provide the needed support to your volunteers, you will have happy and inspired volunteers who are capable of assisting you in the delivery of your programmes at the community level.
  • Your organisation will provide young volunteers with an opportunity to discover, learn and improve skills that make them more employable. This is important because volunteers are often unemployed job-seekers ( women and youth)who have been demoralised by their unsuccessful search for gainful employment.
  • The volunteer opportunity at your organisation will improve the young volunteers' self-esteem and they will become more positive, active and innovative citizens.