Working with young volunteers is a specialized area and it will be important for your organization to have some information about the generally accepted principles of youth development. The recommendations below are the basic values that should be observed, but every organization can add their own, depending on their own core values and principles:

  • Young women and men have gifts and talents that should be identified and they should be provided with opportunities to exercise and enhance these gifts and talents.
  • Young women and men are active partners and beneficiaries in their own development; they should be provided with opportunities for leadership and decision-making.
  • Young women and men are a diverse group that include women, rural, disabled, HIV and AIDS infected and affected people, and may have particular needs that need to be accommodated.
  • Each young person has a broad range of inter-related needs; therefore youth development should address each young person’s needs holistically.
  • Young women and men need opportunities to engage is development that integrates skills, education and sustainable livelihoods.
  • Youth development should instill a sense pf self-worth, purpose and direction in each young person.
  • Youth development in general is a dynamic process that transforms individuals, communities and society.
  • Youth development should take into account the context of young people that are related to family, community, and workplace, as well as future opportunities.
  • Youth development should assist young people to become active and contributing citizens in their community and country.