It is important to plan  your volunteer programme properly. There might be a strong need for extra assistance or special skill, but it is important to ensure that the person will be able tp operate effectively when they arrive in your organisation. How often will you need someone? Every day, twice a week, or only on weekends? Do you want the volunteer to perform specific work or can they choose what they would like to do? Are there any special personal qualities needed, or particylar skills? If the volunteer requires financial assistance of some kind, such as transport costs or small stipend, will the organisation's budget allow for this?

You, as a supervisor, need to prepare and establish your volunteer programme and be clear about how you want it to be implemented. You need to do this so that you can: 

  • Confirm the need for involving volunteers and assess how your organisation can respond to this need. This can be done through a needs assessment.
  • Align the volunteer programme with the organisation's broader vision, mission and objectives.
  • Define in some detail how the volunteer programme will be structured.
  • Identify tasks that your volunteer programme will be structured.
  • Identify tasks that your volunteers will be involved in, outlining the duties and responsibilities of volunteers and developing their task descriptions.
  • Identify the programme support needed and the develop volunteer programme policies.
  • Identify possible risks to the youth volunteer program and develop risk management strategies.
  • Identify the resource ( financial and non-financial) needed to effectively implement and achieve the goals of the programme and suggest how these resources can be obtained.

Volunteer programme planning is the process of identifying, analysing and laying the foundations for your volunteer programme. The planning process covers the volunteer needs assessment, aligning the volunteer programme to the overall work of the organisation, consolidating the youth volunteer programme within the organisation, developing a volunteer programme policy, clarifying the roles and responsibilities of a supervisor, designing volunteer task descriptions, risk management and fundraising.