Risk management protects young volunteers, as well as the possessions and the resources of the organisation, and encourages proper programme implementation and the service delivery. Some benefits of risk management are: 

  • Identifying and evaluating potential risks and finding ways and means of controlling these.
  • Protecting volunteers, the organisation, resources and the programme work from negative consequences.
  • Ensuring continuous stakeholders support.

You need to assess your own risk using the template below. It would be a good idea to involve some staff, volunteers and a board member of your organisation in this process.

Questions to ask in assessing risks: ( Scenarios on table are exemplary) 

What can go wrong?
What will you do?
How will you pay for it?
How will you avoid it in future?
  • The volunteer stepped on some glass on the way to your offices.
  • Take the volunteer to the doctor/hospital for treatment.
  • The programme's contingency fund.

  • Use accident insurance cover.
  • Give new volunteers an orientation pack with warnings.

  • Ensure the youth volunteer contingency fund is maintained.