A volunteer programme needs financial and non-financial resources, like any other programme does. The implementation of a youth volunteer programme without these required resource will only endanger the continuity of the programme and result in disappointment on all sides. In planning a youth volunteer programme, you should look out for potential funders with interest and passion for the work. Remember that a youth volunteer programme does not just happen; your organisation needs to raise funds to ensure that your volunteer programme kicks off. It is therefor important to start fundraising as soon as possible.

The fundraising process will identify potential donors and request support from them for your particular area of work. You need to convince them that the work you plan to do using youth volunteers is necessary, relevant and important to the development  of the country and the future of the young people in it.

When starting to fundraise as a volunteer supervisor, you need to ask the following questions as these will influence the fundraising goals that are set.

  • How much money is needed to fund specific programmes and services, for day-to-day-operations?
  • Which current income source are the most reliable?
  • Is that source expected to shrink?
  • Which income sources are the most reliable?
  • Which income source are least reliable?
  • Which funding or support can the organisation really count on?
  • Which income sources, regardless of size, have the most growth potential for your organisation?