Global Impact with Country Filtering

Find organisations and opportunities faster by country filtering.

The Social Collective offers a highly specialized monitoring and evaluation digital solution worldwide. Managing a large corporate with vast networks and tracking its activities would prove to be difficult, if not impossible.

Filtering information and data by country within the system, along with a lot of other features, eliminates a number of these difficulties. This is beneficial especially for organisations with global reach, with members in different parts of the globe. Not only that, a number of insights and reports can also be filtered by country. This is helpful in generating reports that concerns users of the same organisation in different countries.

Regular users can also benefit from this feature. Finding opportunities and organisations that match your interest, time, and location will now be easier.

The software adapts to your business needs and requirements, wherever you may be. If you or your organisation has no need to filter information by country, you can always turn this feature off.

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