Adding a New Organisation


  1. Learn about adding a new organisation
  2. Learn how to add a new organisation
  3. Learn what to do after adding a new organisation


If you cannot find the organisation you are looking for, you can add a new organisation. Your submitted organisation will be under moderation by administrators. If there are any concerns, they will contact you and provide feedback about your submission.

How to add a new organisation?

To start, click [Organisations] at the left-hand sidebar.

Clicking [Organisation] brings you to the Manage organisations page.

Scroll to the bottom and click the [Add a new organisation] box below the question: Can't find the organisation you are looking for?

Clicking the box brings you to the Create New Organisations page.

Provide the necessary details.

The ones marked with * (asterisk) are required information.

After filling out the form, click [Create Organisation] at the bottom of the page.

Click the box will save your progress.

Your newly created organisation is now submitted for moderation by administrators.

You will be notified if your submission was accepted or rejected.

What to do after adding the new organisation?

After creating the organisation, you can:

  • Edit the organisation's profile
  • Add subscribers
  • Add administrators

To do any of these actions, go to your organisation's dashboard (Quick Stats page). Then click the desired action.

Note: You cannot add any opportunity yet while your organisation is under moderation.

For more information: