Custom Messages


  • Learn the importance of sending messages
  • Learn how to send custom messages


Before the set date of the opportunity, you can send your participants important messages or reminders. A good example is if you have any organised transport, meals, or any logistics, it will be a good idea to send the information to your participants.

How to send custom messages?

To start, find your organisation by clicking [Organisations] at the left-hand sidebar.

Use the search function, enter your organisation's name, then click the nameĀ of it.

Access your opportunity's dashboard by scrolling down. Click your opportunity's title under the "Opportunities" tab.

Then, click [Send SMS & email update] at the left-hand sidebar.

To choose the recipient of your messages, click the drop-down under the "Send the message to" and choose from the options.

Enter your message at the text form provided.

Once you are done, click the [Send Message] button.

What will your message look like?

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