Program-me: Personal and Team Development Tracking App

Program-me is a gamification feature that visualizes how a user and/or a programme is doing in regards to the goals set. It is a handy feature useful in training and tracking progress where users can see how close they are to accomplishing the programme's overall objectives and/or deliverables.

With this feature, you can set up goals for:

  • Activities
  • Hours
  • Skills
  • Users

You can even put in a start and end date to put a deadline on your program-me.

With this feature, you can move away from excel and easily give people a profile to track how they are doing with a particular programme and identify hindrances. In terms of teams, Program-me helps activate a campaign and track how the campaign is doing.

Program-me overview page allows for multiple and complex programs, finally simplified:

Target based algorithms help place your community members in a linear view of their progress:

To start using Program-me, you need to enable the feature on the Setup Panel. If you want to learn more about adding and editing a program-me, read this article.