Managing Your Organisation's Database

The inactive organisation feature helps you manage your organisations by enabling you to make organisations that are no longer active as inactive. This excludes them from search results and reports which will not only ensure that data is only being added to organisations that are active on your portal but also all reports pulled will be a true reflection of your database and programs.

Reasons for having inactive organisations on the portal could include:

  • Duplicate organisation profiles 
  • Organisations created for testing 
  • Organisations that are no longer in the program
  • Organisations that are no longer operating

What Happens When an Organisation is Inactive

Once and organisation has been marked an inactive:

  • Users will not be able to see the organisation when they search for it 
  • No data in terms of activities and validations can be 

Reactivating Organisations

Inactive organisation profiles can be reactivated when need be. Reactivating the organisation profile will enable users to: 

  • Submit Due Diligence forms
  • Add sessions/ activities
  • Complete reports 

Data regarding the reactivated organisation will show up in search results and reports