• Accessing Due Diligence/compliance forms
  • Learn about saving and editing Due Diligence forms

As a user you may be required to submit  Due Diligence documents for your organisation. To ensure that you only fill in the Due Diligence forms that are relevant to you, your portal administrator will have set out specific rules linked to your type of organisation. 

If you are meant to submit a Due Diligence that does not appear on your validations page, do make a request to your admin/ portal administrator to adjust the rules for you to be able to access the said Due Diligence.

How to Access your Due Diligence Forms

  • Login as User
  • Navigate your Organisation and, open the profile
  • Click on Submit now under due diligence on the far right side of your screen
  • A list of for will be displayed for you

Saving and Editing Due Diligence

The form auto saves every 10 seconds so you do not have to worry about your information disappearing before you have the chance to save or submit the complete form.

You have an option to edit your submissions before the super admin has reviewed them. Editing is however not possible once the validation has been approved or rejected.