Monitoring and reporting against set targets is essential for the success and sustainability of any organisation.

As the age old saying goes ''You cannot manage what you don't measure".

The Social Collective module 'Susurate' enables your organisation to manage a dynamic impact indicator library, set and track performance at custom frequency, and slice the data across custom filters and fields, all to present your next report as a custom data dashboard.

Susurate allows you to implement your M&E (Monitoring and Evaluation) framework for stakeholders (project implementers, vendors, beneficiaries, or business unit) against key indicators that are directly linked to your multiple initiatives, ensuring compliance, reporting against targets and data collect, when you need it. 

Further to this, there's a special scorecard functionality that allows you to set goals and measure performance by an easy-to-use reporting tool. The scorecard could be applied to any compliance that your business or project has to adhere to.

Setup Indicators - Connect your Partners - Watch the data populate on your Dashboards

Susurate takes care of the public vs private permissions across your complex data setsYou can limit what information your stakeholders have access to while allowing them to complete reports that have set targets according to the overall objective of the program. 

The reports will feed into their overall Score Card to evidence their performance and compliance at any given time. With this feature transformation and sustainability, teams are able to see the status of each of their stakeholders per initiative without having to peruse numerous status and project reports. 

Stakeholders can also supply comments for each report which is helpful in the analysis of the reports submitted.  

Dashboards created can be made public, allowing your network to access key information on your programs. These can also be made private or accessible only to your stakeholders and the monitoring and evolution team quite easily.

The feature comes with dashboards for users with super admin rights which give a comprehensive overview of the projects under management, the stakeholders linked to the initiative, and the indicators that are being tracked on an ongoing basis. 

The Susurate feature enables you to create dashboards from the reported data which visualizes the data captured which can be used for overall monitoring and reporting of the program.

Each stakeholder gets a reminder via email of upcoming reports and overdue reports which takes away the laborious task of following up on said reports on an ongoing basis.

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