Keeping Your Compliance Documentation Up to Date

Managing stakeholder and partner compliance is often marked with tedious follow ups that sometimes get ignored or are never attended to leading to expired documentation that could have a negative impact on the good standing status of an organisation. 

The feature assists with management of stakeholder compliance documents that need annual updates or have a specific expiry date. Documents that can be managed using this feature includes the following but not limited to: 

  • BEE Certificates
  • Leases and contracts
  • Service Level Agreements
  • SARS Certificate of Good Standing
  • Annual Financial Statements

The feature sends automatic email reminders to stakeholders on documentation that needs updating which will save you the time and effort required to make follow ups to ensure that all compliance documentation is up to date. Reminders will be sent: 

  • 30 days before the expiry date
  • 5 days before the expiry date
  • On the day of expiry
  • 30 days post expiry date

Stakeholders will get an email with a link to update the expired document

Stakeholders that do not comply with keeping their documentation up to date will lose some of the functionality on their organisation dashboard such as being able to schedule sessions/ projects or inputting any other data in relation to their projects. This measure will help enforce compliance from your stakeholders.

Linking compliance documentation with Initiative Indicators Feature will make the management of partners and stakeholders more robust, ensuring nothing falls through the cracks.