COVID-19 is changing the way you and I work. With minimal to no face to face meetings, you still need to report on virtual activities/events. 

The Social Collective is always evolving to offer a solution that is adaptable to the changing world and more so to how people are engaging. We are helping you move and manage your engagements online without compromising on your reporting.

Virtual address enables your users to post opportunities/activities that are happening online and therefore do not require a physical site and address. If your program has evolved to involve online engagements, you can switch the virtual address on to allow your teams to host their events.

You can engage with stakeholders on a global scale if need be given there is access to internet connection. 

There is no limitation with regards to your tool of choice for convening your activity, you can also add links to materials that you would like to share for easy access to your stakeholders. These links will only be accessible to accepted participants. 

e.g. or chat group x, as the link with a private note about how users needs to connect to the call or meeting.

If you are running online training, this will be great feature to report on your online sessions and centralises all communication to your trainees on the program.

The software adapts to your business needs and requirements, wherever you may be. If you or your organisation has no need for virtual addresses, you can always turn this feature off.