Managing deadlines is not always easy especially when there is no system to remind you of upcoming deadlines that need your attention. The challenge becomes even more laborious when dealing with multiple stakeholders and reports which need regular updating to ensure adherence to compliance and program requirements. 

The Social Collective has developed a feature to solve for this very issue, ensuring you no longer need to spent limited resources in chasing after reports from your stakeholders. 

This feature will allow you to set the grace period you would like to afford your stakeholders to submit any outstanding reports. The stakeholder will be notified via email of any deadlines that need their urgent attention and how long they have to make the submission after which their account will be disabled and they will no longer have access to their profile.

This deadline management feature will hold your stakeholders accountable for reporting and clearly stipulate any consequences for non compliance which could include forfeiting further support or even funding until the next reporting period or where a legitimate reason is given for non compliance. In the event that the reason given is acceptable, access can be granted for a limited time to enable the stakeholder to address expired deadlines