As an organisation administrator, it is your responsibility to ensure that all your reporting be it on initiatives or due diligence is up to date at any time and any deadlines set are met.  To ensure program and projects are running effectively it is advised that all deadlines are kept in check as this will have an effect on the overall reporting on the project. 

What the Feature Does

Once the feature has been activated, the portal will be constantly checking for deadlines and automatically sending out smart notifications. Upcoming deadlines are managed in a simple to review view below.

If any deadlines are missed, you as an organisation administrator will receive a notification from the portal notifying you that your organisation profile has been suspended and a list of the missed deadlines which warranted the suspension of the profile. 

How to Reverse the Suspension

You will need to contact your portal administrator, this might be your funder, CSI manager or project manager to discuss the reason for missing the deadlines and the possibility of the profile being made active.

Learn more about the reporting deadline management feature

Activate the Reporting Deadline Management Feature here